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‘Evolution’–of Chameleons?

This video shows all of the chameleon’s highly-specialized assets at work.

Lots of mammals have prehensile tails, but chameleons are the only lizards that have them. Wrapped around a branch, the tail anchors the chameleon’s “firing platform.”

Its toes are bunched together into “mittens” that are ideal for a powerful grip. If you don’t believe me, let a chameleon climb your bare arm. No other reptile has this feature.

Its body is vertically flattened for easy passage through thick foliage.

Then there are the chameleon’s eyes, each one packed into a turret and capable of moving independently. The lizard can look in any direction without having to move its body. And the eyes can bring the prey into very sharp focus.

Many lizards eat insects, and most of them have to accomplish that on the run, and by being quicker than their prey. But the chameleon, thanks to its projectile tongue, can attack while it’s still too far away for the insect to perceive it as a threat.

Finally, we have the chameleon’s famous ability to change color and blend in with its surroundings.

Do you honestly believe that each of these special abilities, all of them, “evolved” by pure chance over kazillions of years?

Wanna buy a bridge?

This is Mr. Nature, celebrating God’s amazing handiwork.

A Great Cartoon I Never Drew

Gary Larsen retired from drawing his The Far Side cartoons in 1995. This idea would have been a natural for him.

First watch the chameleon catch bugs. Zap! Then imagine a table with a Thanksgiving dinner, all the different goodies on various plates and bowls. Then, instead of human beings, imagine a group of chameleons assembled round the table. And then, instead of “Please pass the stuffing” or whatever… all the chameleons cut loose with their tongues, all at once, zap-zap-zap, all across the table. I can visualize it, but alas, I can’t draw it.

I don’t know about you, but I find chameleons very cute and appealing. Great big eyes and all.

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