Pelicans Crash Graduation Ceremony

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Dang, nothing goes right for our colleges and looniversities, these days.

The graduation ceremony at Pepperdine University, overlooking the Pacific Ocean, was disrupted recently when a couple of pelicans decided to land in the middle of it ( the real world asserting itself, as it were. One of the birds seemed inclined to stay, and resisted efforts to shoo him off. He managed to nip somebody, while he was at it.

You have to admit it broke up the tedium of the graduation exercise. The crowd went wild over it. We are happy to report that no panic ensued: people are not so far gone that they’re going to be freaked out by a couple of pelicans. Everybody seemed to enjoy the interruption. No one suggested emergency counseling for the graduates.

No one that we know of, at least.









4 comments on “Pelicans Crash Graduation Ceremony

  1. In South Florida, it’s common to daily see pelicans if you head down to the Boardwalk at Hollywood Beach or Ft Lauderdale Beach. They’re really neat birds, and I wouldn’t mind at all if they became the event attraction 🙂

    1. When my wife and I took a vacation to Tampa, pelicans were hanging out on the terrace of one of the restaurants we ate at and they let her pet them. It was an awesome experience for her (I passed).

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