Rushdoony on Target in 1976: ‘The Fright Peddlars’

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R.J. Rushdoony wrote this little essay for The California Farmer back in 1976, and it reads like it could’ve been penned just yesterday. Man, some things never change!

It’ll only take you a minute or two to read, and then you tell me: Did he nail it, or what?

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  1. In the seventies, I was to some extent taken in by all of this. It sounded to plausible that we would run out of resources someday and someday must be now, just look at those lines at the gas station.

    Of course it didn’t turn out as the doomsayers had predicted. Selling my V-8 Ford because there wouldn’t be enough gas for it turned out to be stupid on my part. After being stampeded a few times I began to realize that” “Smiling faces, sometimes, pretend to be your friend. Smiling faces, show no traces, of the evil that lurks within.” OK, I borrowed that from a song, but I wish I had gotten the point of that song when it came out on the radio; not everyone is telling the truth.

    Rushdoony nailed it.

  2. Yes, we still hear the same old tired lines about humans using too many resources while single-handedly destroying the environment and the climate. All of these are God’s purview. The difference between the days Rushdoony is writing about, as I see it, is this: God was still much more welcome and depended upon in this nation at that time. Now that’s not to say we always got it right, but since we kicked Him out, those same threats have come looming back and seem ever more real.

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  3. Rushdoony makes way too much sense for today’s Joe Collige crowd. If you don’t toe the PC line, no job for you. Fear is the opposite of faith. We confess God is sovereign and in control, then worry the world is headed for hell in a hand basket. Jesus says, “Fear not; in the world you will have tribulation, but be of good cheer for I have overcome the world.”

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