Comic Relief: Dueling Cliches

I need a laugh! How about you?

Here’s Tucker Carlson the other night with Cathy Areu, “the Liberal Sherpa”, on the introduction of “cry closets” by the University of Utah. The idea is, college exams are so stressful, the students won’t be able to take it unless they can duck in to a special closet for ten minutes and cry their eyes out. Why do I keep thinking I hear Tom Hanks saying, “There’s no crying in baseball”?

Tucker thinks it’s total wimp to get that wound up over “some dumb test at some dumb school,” which makes Cathy actually gasp. You gotta be “centered,” she says, and do something or other with your feelings, “whatever pronoun the person wishes to be”–eh?

A man who never cries is poor.

A man who always cries is ridiculous.

That goes for women, too. And those are the only two genders I can think of.

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5 responses to “Comic Relief: Dueling Cliches

  • David Ingram (@debater2016)

    I think tucker has Cathy Areu on his show for comic relief. She will defend any PC nonsense with the full force of her emotions. College students today are the most privileged people in the history of the world, but they think they need to have safe places and cry rooms. They say they are striving to save their existence – huh? Buckle down and study and figure out where you want to plug into society to support yourself and to make it better.

  • Jessica Fischer

    I didn’t get where I am today by going to crying rooms.


    Well stated from you:
    “A man who never cries is poor.

    A man who always cries is ridiculous.

    That goes for women, too”

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