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Cozy Kittens and Goats

For those of you for whom the goose video was too intense, here’s something much more quiescent. Note the kitten who wants to sleep in the hay, which is, inconveniently, the goats’ dinner. But nobody gets mad, everything’s peaceful and benign.

If this were a Freddy the Pig book, after the filming, they’d get together to start a barnyard newspaper or something.

My Bathroom Sink Is Fixed and I am Beat!

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From time to time I have to take the bathroom sink apart and unclog the drain pipes. It’s not a complicated job, but one thing makes it devilishly hard–the room’s too small! I can’t get into a comfortable position to work. Every move I make turns into some kind of dreadful yoga exercise. And, as Kipling once said, “The heat would make your bloomin’ eyebrows crawl.” Mine were halfway down the stairs before I caught them.

Knowing it was going to be unseasonably roasting hot today, I got up early to take my bike ride before the temperature soared. After my daily conference with my editor, I did a bunch of blogging. Then that torture in the bathroom. Then write and submit my book review for Chalcedon.

And all of a sudden, I’m beat.

I want my “Columbo” episode! I want my Freddy the Pig book! But those delights come later. For the time being, it’s just iced tea and me.


Still Image Test, Take 1

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Freddy the Pig is here because my wife devised a method of posting still images, after the method I used successfully thousands of times suddenly stopped working, for no discernible reason. As you can see, her method works. That means I won’t have to set up the laptop every time I want to post an image.

Freddy was pretty smart. I wonder if he could’ve figured out computers. I know I can’t.

A Wonderful Book for Kids–and for You

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How about a wholesomeness break? Yeah!

I had this book when I was a little boy, and now I’ve got it again. I loved Walter R. Brooks’ Freddy the Pig books when I was ten years old, and I love them even more, now.

If you’re looking for something wholesome, extremely funny, and full of unexpected twists and turns, either for your children to read on their own, or for you to read aloud to them, or for you to read in bed and revel in it, you can’t do much better than Freddy and the Perilous Adventure. Published in 1942, it doesn’t show its age at all. And if you really like it, there are 26 books in the series.

Brooks, who also created Mr. Ed the talking horse, is one of those rare authors who can delight children and adults on two different levels at once. If you think that’s easy, try it sometime.

In this outing, Freddy, along with two ducks and a pair of spiders, goes up in a balloon that won’t come down again. It turns into a somewhat intense predicament–especially when they get caught in a thunderstorm. Accused of stealing the balloon, Freddy not only has to devise a way to get back down to earth, but also to repair his reputation.

Try it! You’ll like it.

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