Chomsky: Christians Want to ‘Destroy the World’

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St. Olaf, the patron saint of Norway, was martyred in battle. St. Olaf’s College, in Minnesota, continues to martyr him to this day.

The latest outrage: antediluvian leftid Noam Chomsky, a few days ago, gave a lecture there in which he accused “Republicans and Christians” of wanting “to destroy the world.” (

Yo, Paul, what you wanna do today? Yo, Peter–how about we destroy the world?

What bunk.

“On the basis of Christian ideals they’re saying let’s proceed to destroy the world,” prattled Chomsky. Was that from Jesus’ famous sermon on “Let’s Destroy the World”? Maybe Chomsky has a special Bible. Christians and Republicans, he blathered to an adoring audience of college nincompoops, have “a unique insanity which is dedicated to destroying organized human life.” Yeah, hey, let’s destroy organized human life.

How we gonna do that?

Mostly by not believing in Global Warming and Climbit Change, by using cars and electricity when those amenities ought to be reserved to our betters and not allowed to us peasants, and by not giving the government fantastic powers to control our lives and stifle all dissent.

Too bad St. Olaf himself couldn’t be there to hear this old poop. But I don’t think he would have appreciated the irony. He died trying to Christianize Norway. The college named for him wants to de-Christianize America.

Gee, what will our religion be then?

It will still be Christianity: because, in the end, the bad guys lose.

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  1. I watched Chomsky in a documentary some years ago. It was a study in manipulation. He came up with open-ended questions which were alarming, but there was no evidence to support that the things he questioned were real. He would end with a shrug, leaving the audience to apply their imaginations to the problem. In essence, he stated nothing, but hinted at all sorts of terrible things. Watching him was a waste of my time.

    1. That’s what makes it so effective. The “intellectuals” spend most of their time theorizing, and coming up with ideas that usually can’t be proven. But it gets the imagination going, and the imagination knows no bounds. It gets people to think about things in a certain way, then they proceed to act on those unprovable ideas as though they were fact. That’s when ideas start to have consequences.

    2. That’s the way it works. People will accept an unproven suggestion as fact if they trust the person making the suggestion.

  2. Chomsky’s a communist. I once knew a student at MIT who had him as a professor. Now, I’m not talking about a conservative student, but even he said Chomsky’s a communist! When a left-leaning person calls someone a communist, it may be time to listen.

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