Can You Find This Video?

Image result for images of driving car into water at boat ramp

So your boat is hitched to your car, and you want to launch it via the boat ramp. If you’ve never done it before, do you A) simply use common sense, turn, and back your boat down the ramp because it’s the obvious thing to do, B) watch how everybody else does it, and do it that way, or C) just drive right into the water, car first, and drown your engine?

In one of the first videos we ever saw on our computer, years ago, some poor jidrool chose option C. There are, today, countless videos on youtube of boat launch fails. But this was the only one I ever saw of somebody driving right down the ramp and into the water, car first. It is unique.

And I’ve always wanted to post it here, for your edification, but I just can’t find it!

Perhaps someone out there can provide us with this classic video.

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