Arne Duncan: Boycott Schools Till Gun Laws Change

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Obama-era Secretary of Education Arne Duncan is in the nooze again, this time calling for a nationwide boycott of public schools “until the gun laws change” (

For once we can agree with Arne. By all means pull the kids out of those schools! Because the “education” that they get there sucks. Let’s go a step farther: pull ’em out and never send ’em back.

Has Arne really thought this through? He calls on 50 million parents to pull their kids out of public school. For how long? “Until the laws change.” But what if that takes a long, long time? Do we keep on paying exorbitant school tax while the buildings sit unused? What about teacher salaries and pensions? True, we already get virtually nothing for all that money anyhow, but this is drastic. And what about salaries and benefits for administrators, first-grade guidance counselors, gender counselors, diversity experts, and the rest of the crew?

And what would he consider adequate changes in the gun laws? We already have scores of gun laws, dozens of which get broken whenever anyone decides to massacre his fellow citizens. What new gun laws do you want, Arne? Libs are usually afraid to admit they want to abolish our Second Amendment right to bear arms. Meanwhile in Merrie England, where private ownership of a gun for self-defense is all but forbidden, the murder rate in London has surpassed that of New York City. For some reason the criminals over there just aren’t obeying Britain’s gun laws.

Arne, old sport, be careful what you wish for. Take the kids out of public school, and the whole progressive project goes down the drain. Stop indoctrinatin’ and presto, no more new liberals!

The colleges won’t thank you for it, man.

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  1. One other thought comes to mind. Perhaps one reason for school violence is that children don’t want, or need, to be cooped up all day when they could be learning more effectively within their families.

    1. We were all cooped up in school when I was a kid, and there was no such thing as a “school shooting.” Liberals have debauched the culture.

    2. The schools, however, have changed, demanding that children remain in a dependent state where they have very little responsibility, except the responsibility to conform.

  2. Dennis Prager made the point that guns have always been plentiful and have never been more restricted and regulated than they are now, why aren’t we hearing the following question: What’s DIFFERENT between now and before when these shootings were extremely rare? I think we both know the answer to that.

    1. So nice of him to decide things for others. I used to know everything, just like Bloomberg, but then I grew up and learned that my ideas were not necessarily the only way to go.

  3. It is complete lack of wisdom, which one only acquires by means of “fear of God”. As long as they slough along following their leader, satan, this can only get worse. It has now reached the stage of insanity- there would be a good use of the empty schools- insane asylums for these insane ones.

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