Love Finds Joe Collidge

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We had a Sex Show hear at Collidge yeasterday “and” i was Trying “so” hard to hoock up whith “a” Trans Wommin but My Moth Antenners thay “kep” getting In “the” weighy and it maked me unhapy untill “I” find this Boooth whith a sine on it it sayed “Let Me desine Your Sex Bot”!!! Oboy!

Wel the Delucks Moddle it costed whay too Mutch i culdnt afourd it but the guy in the Boooth “he was” real Smart,, he “is” a Ingineer Stodent and he sayed he “can” bild me a spacial Sex Rowbot out of a “old” Toester Ovin and aslo some Car Parts and its OK that i hasnt got no Munny insted of munny “I” can be his Slayve for a wile!!! it is OK four me “to” bea a Slayve becose i amb Coccasian or somthing!

So he is goingto get to wurk on bilding my “own” Cusstum Maid Sex Rowbot and i jist cantt whaite untill its Done!! I did assk him if “he” culd make it has Artafistule Intellagints and he sayed the Rowbot it wuld “be” at Leest as Smart as me!!! Mayby even Smarter!

Man i thinck I amb in Loove!!!!

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  1. Good for you, Joe! Love might be exactly what you need.

    If you ever have the urge to stray, let me know. I know a real nice garage door opener that’s always looking for a no-strings-attached relationship. 🙂

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