Rerun: ‘Do Christians Believe in Weather Magic?’ (2012)

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A lot of you are new here, newer than 2017, when I last reran this post; so I thought it might be worthwhile to run it again.

A certain famous radio host, when it looked like a hurricane was coming, used to urge his listeners to pray together–explaining that the “spiritual power” of their massed prayers would actually turn the hurricane aside. Not God’s power. Theirs. Not God’s sovereign mercy. Their power.

If you’re new to Christianity, please trust me: that ain’t how it works.

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  1. The whole concept of weather modification by Man happening on a large scale is found in the pages of Star Trek, brainiac science FICTION. Even when our weather is nuts and crazy life-threatening, God knows what He’s doing and why the weather is one way in a certain place and another some where else. It’s His earth.

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