Chickens Are Fun

When I was a boy, there were still a few people in my town who kept chickens. Grandpa had a chicken coop, but no more chickens. He had them years ago, and my mother had vivid memories of–well, let’s not talk about that.

I had no idea that chickens have so much personality. Dig the video of the chicken playing with two baby otters. God is giving us a glimpse of something here. I think He really is.

2 comments on “Chickens Are Fun

  1. That was amazing. One thing I’ve noticed with animals at the keyboard, be they chicken or cat, is that the seem to have a sense of rhythm. There were distinct quarter notes and eigth notes and that first chicken at the xylophone had a sense of rhythm that Dave Brubeck would have respected. 🙂

    I believe that you are onto something, Lee. The Creator seems to be revealing something to us, through the animal realm. Think of all the enjoyment we get from common pets, cats, dogs, etc. and then think of what would be possible in a world where all the animals are living in harmony with one another and in harmony with mankind. It’s mind boggling.

  2. I finally got to this one and I’m sure glad I did! Musically inclined chickens – what a treat! 🙂 Chickens are more intelligent (and talented) than we give them credit for!

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