‘The Purposes of God Stand’ (Mark Rushdoony)

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David and Bathsheba

I’ve read a lot of ancient history written by people who lived in ancient times–Livy, Plutarch, Herodotus, Thucydides, Polybius, and others. These were the men who invented the discipline of history, and are deserving of praise.

But they all fell short of the standard of truth set by the Bible.

Mark Rushdoony wrote this essay in 2017:


Unlike the secular historians mentioned above, the Bible never fails to confront the sins and failures of its greatest figures. If you really think about some of the terrible–or terribly foolish!–things done by men like David and Solomon, Jacob, Moses, and even Abraham, the truth that God can use such men to accomplish His good purpose is nothing short of overwhelming. Our God truly is an awesome God!

4 comments on “‘The Purposes of God Stand’ (Mark Rushdoony)

  1. That’s a great article. Sometimes, I think that people miss the point with regard to the sins in the bible. God is not condoning those sins in any way, but is showing us a realistic view of matters. Look at the list of names in Hebrews 7 and you will see that people of faith sometimes have made serious mistakes along the way.

    So the sins of these people are not excused, nor are they to be minimized. These sins had terrible effects, some of which have affected mankind ever since, but the persons involved continued to move forward and to walk with God. We can learn from these examples.

  2. I’ve heard people exclaim what an inspirational book the Bible is, but in reality it is a humbling book as it points out how much we have missed the mark with our lives. When one reads about Jacob and his 12 sons, he is mystified how God used them to produce a people used as the medium through which the Savior of the world would be born. I think of Donald Trump and all his past baggage, yet he is being used so powerfully for the purposes of God in our nation’s renewal. And how miraculous his winning of the nomination in the first place – it was like David verses Goliath.

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