Blue Wave, Eh? Ya Mean Like This?

Attorney Sarah Swain (left) apologized after she was criticized heavily by law enforcement groups who argued that the image promoted violence against police officers.

The Democrat running for attorney general of the state of Kansas–that is, the top law enforcement official in the state–is in hot water over a post she has hanging in her law office. It shows Wonder Woman lassoing a police officer (

Gee, a lot of people think this isn’t quite the ticket for a state attorney general. Even some Democrats think she should drop out of the race. But she says people have “misconstrued” the meaning of the poster. She says she’s “pro-cop.” It should be obvious to everyone that that poster displays only the highest regard for police personnel. If you don’t think so, you must be a Racist.

So is this part of the Big Blue Wave that’s gonna flood the country in November, and sweep the Democrats back into power? “Vote for us! No more law enforcement! No more national borders! No more Climbit Change denial! We’ll finish the job Obama started!”

Yeah. Vote for them and put a stake through the heart of America.

6 comments on “Blue Wave, Eh? Ya Mean Like This?

  1. Pathetic. Frankly, I wouldn’t want an elected official that lived in Super-Hero Fiction-Land. When I was a kid, I read comic books, but I gave that up in my mid teens, at the latest.

  2. Yes, this is childish at least, and mentally retarded. It is also a picture of the “feminine backlash” nonsense. Pathetic and disgusting.

  3. Can someone explain how on earth this crazy woman thinks this poster could possibly be construed as “pro cop”?

  4. Good is evil, evil is good, wrong is right, etc. Only explanation I can think of.

  5. Some of the Dem candidates for federal office are running on the platform they will oust Nancy Pelosi as head of the House Dems if elected. That makes more sense than running on the platform that Trump’s tax cuts are crumbs.

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