This Is What They Want

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Wherever liberals and citizens of the world run government, they run it into the ground. The above are pictures from the streets of San Francisco. We could have selected much more disgusting pictures than these, believe me.

Today in America leftids and their henchmen in the nooze media are doing everything in their power to batter down what’s left of our national borders and turn the whole country into San Francisco. They use illegal aliens to do it, just as they’ve done in Germany, France, Sweden, Norway, Britain, and the rest of Western Europe. They have done this everywhere they win elections.

What is it about squalor, crime, filth, public health hazards, and boiling misery that turns Democrats on? It’s like they get a sexual charge out of it. Not that they would permit anything of the sort in their own personal living space. No, no, no–this is meant for us peasants, us deplorables.

I should talk. My state elected a governor whose main preoccupations are to sabotage the immigration laws, legalize marijuana and sports betting, and raise taxes. And every flaming idiot who voted for him says “I thought he was going to lower our taxes”!

It is almost miraculous that any Democrat can ever be elected, anywhere. Because, folks, there is no excuse: only the most invincible ignorance can expect anything but disaster.

But that invincible ignorance is surely the most important product of our schools and colleges, to say nothing of our nooze and entertainment media. The dumber we are, the better they like us.

9 comments on “This Is What They Want

  1. It’s almost as if they worship these things. My take is that they hate seeing others live in freedom and prosperity because it offends the indoctrination they have been exposed to. So they are willing to sacrifice anything to prove their point . . . so long as it doesn’t inconvenience them personally.

    1. That’s the best kind of sacrifices. I want a new Mercedes, and that will take sacrifice to achieve. So, Lee, I want you to make some serious sacrifices in order to pay for my Mercedes.

      Hey, I’m sounding like a Democrat. 🙂

  2. The way these people think, and the filth they allow because of it, is a perfect reflection of the ways of satan, their father.

  3. They’re trying to hurry along with their Nimrod-led New World Order/One World Government.

  4. I saw where N.J has legalized sports betting – how progressive, NOT. Melania Trump notified her Secret Service detail about actor Peter Fonda threatening to kidnap her son Baron and put him in a detention center with pedophiles. Those liberals really have big hearts don’t they. The MSM knows the things they have been accusing the Trump Ad of in regards to separating children from illegal trespassing adults were also done by the Obama and Bush Administrations. They even have pictures of children in cages during Obama’s watch, but won’t display them. It is truly scary the way the MSM can create false crises overnight. No wonder President Trump calls the MSM the greatest danger to the American people.

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