An Otter in the Bathtub

You wouldn’t think an otter would be afraid of water, but the little guy in this video makes his aversion loudly known. No way you’re puttin’ me in that bathtub! But Momma knows best, and into the tub he goes… and takes to it. Like an otter takes to water. Reminds me of the hard time I had, getting Patty to take the little chair-lift ride on the Seaside boardwalk. And at the end, “You know, that was really kind of nice…”

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    1. Mr. Nature says: The otters we see in videos are usually baby otters. When they grow up, they have a need to mark territory in ways that smell bad. They also need to eat a lot of fish, it should be most of their diet, and that makes it smell worse.
      Depending on the species, some otters grow rather large. Not a problem, if you’ve got an outdoor facility with plenty of water. It’s not good for them to get cold, though, so it’s best if the water can be kept warm, even in the winter.
      Nevertheless, in some states it’s legal to keep pet otters. They don’t turn mean and savage when they grow up, although they might bite if they get impatient. The thing people love about them is their playfulness. They never quite grow out of that, although the babies consider play a full-time occupation.
      As I see it, almost every animal responds to gentleness, kindness, and affection.
      Even painted turtles.

    2. One might be an ideal outdoor petit one lived in the country and had a pool. How do they handle winters in the wild? I’ve seen them living in Minnesota and I’m pretty certain that the water there gets very cold in the winter.

    3. Mr. Nature says: winter is hard on otters. They have to eat more, and yet food tends to be harder to get. Quite a few don’t make it through the winter. To survive winter, a wild otter has to eat a lot more in the fall and build up his body weight for the lean times to come.
      So, yes, they can handle the winter: but why would you want your pet otter to have to do that?

    4. Thank you for that, Mr. Nature! If anyone can get the facts about all things nature, it’s you! 🙂

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