Furry and Feathery Fun

I don’t know that elephants and orcas ought to count as pets–and wait’ll you see who the guy has to rescue from a sewer shaft. And the bulldog with his pet chickens. And not to forget the important lesson taught in this video: Do not mess with a badger. A badger’s sense of humor is rather limited.

5 comments on “Furry and Feathery Fun

  1. Wow! This is quite a collection of widely different critters along with their entourages 🙂

  2. A couple of thoughts come to mind:

    The elephant seemed quite courteous towards the turtle. He just wanted to know what it was. I liked that.

    Now, if I was going up against a badger, I’d want a lot more than a broom for a defensive device and I wouldn’t let a dog nip at it. Badgers, as you say, aren’t famed for their humor. 🙂

    1. Yes, it was sweet of the elephant to want to touch the turtle (possibly checking to make sure it was alive), and the patient bulldog with chicks on his head and back was ‘motherly’. I thought the same thing about that badger baiting episode, and I sure hope someone was able to distract it from the dog! The guy who went down the sewer to rescue the armadillo was pretty neat 🙂

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