‘The Lord Is My Shepherd’

I’m out of hymn requests, so let’s fall back on an old favorite: the 23rd Psalm set to music, The Lord Is My Shepherd, performed by the choir at Wells Cathedral, England.

I wonder if Psalm 23 is the most frequently memorized passage in the Bible. It was read more than any other Psalm, back when Bible readings started our school day. We were Christian kids and Jewish kids, so the readings were all from the Old Testament. And it was better than it is now.

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  1. Beautiful! And I’m sure the Resurrection Psalm is one of the more memorized Bible passages. It’s filled with faith and hope.

    I do have a request for your list: ‘Our Father Who Art In Heaven by Don Moen’.

    Here’s a beautiful compilation of Esther Mui’s music – maybe for someone who’d like to listen in the background. It’s an hour long video and the scenery is God’s beautiful creation under the sea. Enjoy everyone! (You can re-post this as a separate blog so more people see it, Lee).

  2. I memorized Psalm 23 when in my 20’s. It has served me well at the funerals I have been asked to officiate. Quoting Scripture from memory (and sincere feeling) is much more effective than reading it.

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