Here’s That ‘Curtain’ Article

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Hooray! The Chalcedon website ( has a brand-new front page to display new articles and video. From now on, that’s where all the new stuff will be; and that’ll make it easy to find.

And published there today is my article on Agatha Christie’s Curtain, written months ago and now available here.

Can a mystery novel tell us what’s gone wrong with British Christianity–and probably our own, too?

Read it and see!

4 comments on “Here’s That ‘Curtain’ Article

    1. By the way Lee, there’s a book you might like called “10 books that screwed up the world and 5 others that didn’t help” by Benjamin Wiker.

  1. My wife has read all the Christie books, then re-reads them. I have read where Christie she was a terrible speller. Just because we may not be perfect in the world’s eyes, our God sees as Jesus when we put on Christ and make no provisions for the flesh. God’s plan for His creation is beyond our comprehension (thus we live by faith). He even uses evil for His purposes. As Gottfried Leibniz used to say, “Of all the possible worlds God could have created, this is the best of all possible worlds.”

  2. I like the Dr. Franklin character in Curtain. It’s comical how he apologizes to the furniture when he bumps into them.

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