My Newswithviews Column, June 28 (‘They’ve Created a Monster)

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After I wrote this and sent it in, Schumer and Pelosi made some tepid comments suggesting that maybe, y’know, Maxine Waters’ call for Democrats to harass and intimidate officials was, like, maybe not exactly the best thing. It was hardly a rebuke.

I predict the Dems are going to get keelhauled this November.

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  1. Great piece, Lee.

    You may be onto something. At this point the volatility of this is such that it could start devouring its own quite easily. Actually, that would be fairly typical. Disorder usually spawns disorder and brings about its own downfall.

    1. Then again, you could wind up with a 1917 Russian Revolution. But this is not Russia, and we would eat the Bolsheviks alive.

  2. Another great column, Lee. There’s actually (and unfortunately) another option: These leftist loons may just be intentionally attempting to start a civil war – an actual guns-in-the-streets civil war. That’s a terrifying thought, but fits best when all things of late are considered as a whole. (including the attempts to TAKE our guns!)

  3. I predict that some of them, and their core constituencies, will be far more than figuratively keelhauled. There’s plenty of Americans ready to purify our nation in the process of making it great again.

    1. Even I find it hard to believe that there’s no one in that party sane enough to call for a stop to these goings-on.

    2. they actually have a Congressional candidate in New York now campaigning on open borders, no more borders, everybody gets in and gets free stuff… And the NYC media hail her as some kind of genius.

    3. SMH…silly liberals. But when a Neocon invade another country suddenly these same Leftists are out protesting.

    1. There were people like this around in the Sixties. Some of those grew up to be prefessers at collidge, and have trained the current crop of crazies.
      I believe we should believe bad people when they say they’re going to do bad things, and act prudently.

    2. This is chilling, and indeed, reminiscent of the late sixties. I believe that some of the radicals in that era were either insane or possessed. It is not good to see it making its return.

  4. Now the Dems are running on abolishing ICE – seems they are all for those illegals that commit crimes staying here. They are also blaming Trump for the 5 murders at the newspaper office in Maryland. How about this: June 26 the liberals are screaming about Trump tearing children apart from their mothers, then on June 27 they are screaming about Trump not letting mothers tear their children from them in abortions. Is Michael Savage right when he writes a book “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder?”

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