She Could Play Ellayne (Ya Think?)

Remember Arianna Richards, from the original Jurassic Park? I kept trying to get a clip of one of her ear-piercing screams, but had to settle for this one instead.

Anyway, last night I thought of her to play Ellayne in the $150 million Bell Mountain movie that is in the process of not being made. If you’ve read No. 4, The Last Banquet, you know when and where a really piercing scream is necessary.

Yes, the movie contest didn’t fly… but that doesn’t mean you can’t go on playing it.

11 comments on “She Could Play Ellayne (Ya Think?)

  1. Good choice for sure. I like how it is Ellayne who is the more prominent character in Bell Mountain series than Jack. I always thought the picture on the cover of “The Cellar Beneath the Cellar” was of Jack – wrong, it is of Ellayne.

    1. I think Arianna is a good actress who can play Ellayne, too.

      Does Amybeth McNulty (plays Anne of Green Gables) look like Ellayne from the cover for “The Cellar Beneath the Cellar” a little?

    2. I don’t know how he does it, but artist Kirk DouPonce got Ellayne **exactly** right on the cover of “Cellar.” He also got Gurun **exactly** right on the cover of “The Glass Bridge.” Does he have a pass to Obann?

      As for Ms. McNulty, I haven’t seen “Green Gables” so I have no opinion about her.

      It’s hard to pick child actors, because sometimes they grow up real fast. The kid they had for Eustace in “Dawn Treader” was just above perfect, but he grew up before they could make “The Silver Chair.” They still haven’t made it. He’s going to have children of his own by the time they get to it.

    3. To be honest…I haven’t seen it either.
      (I found McNulty by accident when I searched “Anne of Green Gables actress” when I looked for an actress to play Ellayne for my “cast”).

    4. I just assumed by the picture on the cover that it would be a boy climbing down a rope holding on with one hand while at the same time holding a lighted torch in the other hand. I guess that makes me a male-chauvinist. You have to admit, Ellayne is an exceptional girl.

  2. What about the little girl who played the little girl, Maisie Lockwood, in the newest Jurassic movie, “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom”? Could she play Ellayne?

    1. That’s true, sir. It would be nice if there are Christian children actors and actresses who could play the children in the Bell mountain series.

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