Facebook: Declaration of Independence ‘Hate Speech’

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Facebook celebrated America’s founding by ruling our founding document “hate speech” (https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2018/jul/4/facebook-flags-declaration-independence-hate-speec/)

A small-town newspaper was posting the Declaration of Independence, piece by piece, a day at a time, until Facebook scrubbed the last post–which was the Declaration’s charges against King George III, which included the charge of inciting “merciless Indian savages” of making war on Colonial civilians–quite a sore point in 1776.

Facebook’s censorship was executed by its computer algorithms, an exercise in Artificial Mindlessness. The robots couldn’t appreciate the historical context of Thomas Jefferson’s statement.

After a day of public protests and complaints, Facebook caved and restored the post.

The robots have the excuse of being mindless. Liberals, who say such things on purpose, don’t. If I only had a nickel for every leftid who called the Declaration of Independence “hate speech,” I could buy Facebook and adjust its attitude.

They can’t even sort of like America on the Fourth of July.

Just another bit of that Great Blue Wave that’s supposed to sweep these anti-American schmendricks back into power in November.

12 comments on “Facebook: Declaration of Independence ‘Hate Speech’

  1. These people don’t seem to realize that censorship is a trap. Censor anything, and you are setting the precedent to censor everything.

  2. A example of protesting a wrong can bring a correction. Someone blew the whistle on t-shirts being sold by a vendor on Walmart.com’s website that read “Impeach 45.” People protested and Walmart has removed it. The Left’s protest are organized by the super-rich like George Soros. The Right’s protests are spontaneously organized by people who want truth.

    1. If we had been like leftids, we would have barged into the store and trashed the place. One of the main reasons they get what they want is that people are afraid of them.
      But that Supreme Court ruling, that stopped the public employee unions–the teachers’ unions are the richest and most powerful–from sucking money out of members’ paychecks and forcing people to joy the union whether they want to or not–in not too many years, that will be felt as an assegai to the belly of the Left.

    2. I had to look up “assegai” – and I agree, this SCOTUS ruling will do great good for our country. If Hillary had won, this ruling would never have happened.

    3. Someday, I hope, it will dawn on everyone in America that we dodged a helluva big bullet when we rejected Hillary for president.

  3. Meanwhile we’re watching the demise of our western way of life.

    These people can’t generate an original thought. If they could, they would recognize it is they who are about to lose the same freedoms they stand on which allow them to protest.

    1. They don’t care. They hate our civilization. They don’t understand what a civilization is. “Education” has destroyed their brains.

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