By Request: Keith Green, ‘Oh, Lord, You’re Beautiful’

I was going to do some news today, but never mind, it’ll keep. Still thundering, cats under the bed, rain coming down… but the Lord is on His throne.

Linda requested this one: Oh, Lord, You’re Beautiful, by the late Keith Green. We lost him in a plane crash: but by the loving and almighty providence of God, he’ll sing again someday–if he isn’t already singing somewhere in Christ’s Kingdom.

4 comments on “By Request: Keith Green, ‘Oh, Lord, You’re Beautiful’

  1. Keith Green has a good voice. We have one of his CD’s.

    I have a hymn request: “Are You Washed in the Blood of the Lamb” by Willie Nelson.

  2. I see my last comment didn’t make it. That’s OK. I like this song a lot, and
    another one I might suggest is: Carroll Roberson singing Just Go By. It has a great message.

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