They Don’t Fight Like Dogs & Cats

I suspect Heaven’s gonna be a lot like this–and Earth, too, once God finishes repairing it. Meanwhile, He gives us these glimpses.

Dogs and cats don’t have to fight. They really can be best friends. Puppies and kittens can do it. But we humans–well, Dante called the earth “the little threshing floor that makes us all so fierce.”

3 comments on “They Don’t Fight Like Dogs & Cats

  1. These are so adorable. I prefer cats, but really when dogs are this precious, who could resist them?

  2. And did you notice how many were nearly matching sets? 🙂 The tiger at the end just didn’t want that puppy to go anywhere! Precious, Erlene. Your choice of words was perfect 🙂

  3. “Earth, too, once God finishes repairing it.“ Amen!

    As wonderful as seeing these animals is, and the white puppy and white kitten near the beginning were so very endearing, imagine how it will be when humans can get along this well.

    Years ago, it struck me that dogs had a wonderful social philosophy. If they liked you, and most of them like almost everybody, then they give you a big kiss. If they don’t like you, chances are that they will just avoid you, unless you act aggressively.

    My dog seemed to have a special love for my (at the time) father-in-law. He would not let him alone until he got to give him a big smack on the face. It was hilarious the extents he would go to to plant a kiss on my father-in-law and he wouldn’t give up until he had succeeded.

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