A Present for ‘Bell Mountain’ Readers

Finally! A Chalicotherium video that I can post for you.

This is one of the “knuckle bears” seen by Jack and Ellayne at the edge of Lintum Forest. Us Mr. Nature types know them as Chalicotheres. Their fossils are found in North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. As large animals go, they were very successful.

The big, sharp claws are for pulling down tree-branches so they can eat the leaves.

If I ever see one of these on my bike ride, lumbering off the golf course into the woods, I will know the world is changing.

And you just know I won’t have a camera handy.

P.S.–Last night I dreamed I went to Mars, the Martian civilization was just about identical to our own, and so I went to the movies. And there, as I stood in line at the concession stand, I spied some boxes of “Bell Mountain Candy,” with the books’ cover art decorating the boxes.

I enjoyed that!

9 comments on “A Present for ‘Bell Mountain’ Readers

  1. Thanks, Lee! We can see why you’ve called them knuckle bears 🙂

    And I certainly can understand Martian interest in Bell Mountain. See, you’ve even attained status allowing for product copyrights. Let Bell Mountain Candy catch on here on earth! 🙂

  2. FYI: I saw the “Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom” and I cannot recommend it like I could the first “Jurassic World.” The first part of Fallen World that takes place on the island as the volcano is erupting is great – the rest of the movie stinks big time.

    1. I watched it today and I think it’s my favorite one in the series.

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