‘The Religion of Our “Universities”‘ (2016)

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That point made by Theodore Dalrymple–that the purpose of communist “teaching” is humiliation of the one who receives it, and then must parrot shameful inanities which he knows to be untrue–is golden. People who’ve been humiliated find it hard to stand up to tyranny.


The only thing is, what if students come out of college really and truly believing this crapola? Then they won’t have been humiliated. They’ll have been turned into idiots with a touch of fanaticism.

Whether they are useful or completely useless idiots, only time will tell.

I’m betting on the latter.

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  1. The photo is priceless! When I first glanced at it, his misspelling of ‘fashisom’ was hilarious. My brain initially saw it as ‘fashion’ and I was in full agreement lol!

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