We goingto Be Anarchie!!

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Last nihght “at” Collidge we al on the Stodent Soviet we sined up to be Anarchie becose “it Is” the only whay to take Down Racist No-Good Americka!!!

It whil be reely Grate “to” ware Masks and reck stuff,, i cant weiht! But the Pressadint of Collidge Anarchie Ink she tolled us frist we got “a” Lott to lern! Becose Anarchie “it has To” take Down evry thing That is Americka!!! Then we can has Open Boarders and Free Tution at alll collidges!

So the frist thing I amb lerning is How To Forje My Own Singatchure!! Man its Harder “then” it looks!!! butt Like my Prefesser he sayes, How you goingto lern To forj sum buddy Else his singriture If “yiu cant forj”” Yore Own?!? That “is” A good Poynt!!

Oncet I get that lernt i can lern Othher Things tooo like how to Mayke Molly Toff cock-tales and i can Hardly wheight to Drink one wehn I wast a Kid “my” fokes thay wuld nevver Let “me” drink No cock-tales!!!

Meenwile this hear Forjery stuph it is reel hard i jist Cant seemb “to Get” The Hang of it!! We Anarchies we knead to forj lotts of Czecks so whe Can deestroye the Bancks!! Iff i Had a Czeck Book then i culd Pracktis forjing lotts of Czecks and evin Uze my Newfound Skills to by a Car!! and paye four it whith a Forjed Czeck hahaha!!!!

Butt frist i “think”” i Wil by a reely skary Mask!

4 comments on “We goingto Be Anarchie!!

  1. You’ve got a good plan, there, Joe. “By” lots of stuff with forged “czecks” and you will find a true liberals paradise. There will be no inequality, free room and board, absolute gun control, free education and you will find all ethnicities well represented. Yep, Federal Prison is the lib’s idea of paradise.

    Even better, I suggest that you travel overseas and “by” some stuff with forged “checks”. Maybe you could end up in a Czech prison. 🙂

    I love you Joe, I always feel so good about myself after I hear from you.

  2. Glad to see Joe’s collige has finally seen the need to teach finances. The trouble with Joe is he will have to write out the amount on the check because that’s what the banks go by, not the numbers. With his spelling he is headed for a felony forgery conviction.

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