I Seen Allagater Peeple!!

I has been waching “a” Lot of dockumentry moovies latelie and “last nihght” i seen The Allagater Peeple!! it is a moovy that prooves Sciance it can Do evrything!!!

It was abote this hear Sciantist he used Genitical Engianearing to turn peeple Into allagaters and my prefesser he sayed “It was to” help peeple adupt to Globble Warming by being like Allagaters!! But them ordrinary dum peeple in The Movy thay didnt “get it””! thay just runned arond screeming all over the plaice!!

I mist some “of” It becose my Moth Antenners thay was iching somthing fearse!! and i has had have to keeep Bending “over” to Scrach them!!! Parsonly i dont “think” it wuld be so Bad to be like a Allagater as long as yiu cood stilll do Gender Studdies! Four one thing yiu culd Swim better!!

Butt of corse this Sciantist he was “way” ahed “of” his tyme and them stopid dope peeple thay “didnt”” Apreashate waht he was trying “To do” for themb!! Allso now wee know “moare” abuot how “to” mannapolate our jeans!! Thare is a Pond on campas thare isnt no allagaters in it but iff the Collidge it sets up a prajeckt to Make Allagater Peeple then thay culd live in the Pond! and my prefesser he says We “bettar Do” it fasst becose Climbit Chainge it is comming and we all “better” lurn to Swimb like Allagaters!!! and fortchunitly for us Sciance it has the ansers!!!

11 comments on “I Seen Allagater Peeple!!

  1. Well Joe, if you develop an alligator brain you may find that your Grade Point Average increases dramatically. Personally, I say go for it and see all the good it brings your way. As a matter of fact, just to prove your dedication, you could get a bunch of your buddies together, find a lake with alligators in it and jump right in. 🙂

    1. Them Alagator Peeples set a trap for him, then talked him into going to tell go to the swamp to meet new beautiful actress. Talked him into good movie if he lived, “Casting Couch by the Swamp.” We need a new director.

  2. This one goes beyond the pale even for Collige Joe 🙂 Some scientists of the Malthusian stripe are working on converting the human digestive system to work along the line of cows so people can survive on grass. After all, Global Warming is going to burn up all our crops.

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