The Giant Lemur

I’m sick of the news by now, I won’t write any more of it today or tomorrow. Instead, let’s hand off to Mr. Nature. ****

Jambo, Mr. Nature here–with the giant lemur of Madagascar, Megaladapis (and if you can pronounce that, go to the head of the class). We can call it “the koala lemur” because it was built like an oversized koala.

This is an animal that probably should still be with us. It only died out some 2,000 years ago–probably because of a combination of environmental stress (droughts and wildfires) and overhunting by newly-arrived humans. There are cryptozoologists who cling to the hope of discovering a live giant lemur somewhere in the island’s shrinking forests, but I’m afraid that’s wishful thinking.

If you’re into such things, take a good look at the jaw muscle attachment areas on the giant lemur’s skull: ideal for munching prodigious quantities of tough vegetation.

I find it hard to imagine an animal more harmless, more un-threatening, than the koala lemur. I grieve their extinction.

But God does have the whole universe at His disposal, it’s His, He created it, and who knows? Maybe he’s found a better place for these benign creatures. All we can do now is to marvel at what they must have been, not so very long ago.

5 comments on “The Giant Lemur

  1. There are so many shameful things that have happened in this fallen world. Sometimes, from the comfort of our modern lives, it’s easy to forget that much of history has been filled with tragedy, as humans, alienated from their Creator, have destroyed much of God’s work. However, nothing is truly lost the to the Maker of all things.

  2. Thank you, Mr. Nature. I have always dreamed of going to Madagascar – it seems like one of the last enchanted places on the earth, along with the Amazon basin. Feel free to block Doug’s comments. When people with his perspective appear on the News Talk shows, I fast-forward them – we have all heard it before.

    1. Amen! People whom troll for arguments are not interested in an exchange of ideas, only an opportunity to excrete their venom.

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