Newspaper Calls for ‘Coordinated Attack’ on Trump

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“Objective news reporting,” according to our media

The Boston Globe–how many people still read it?–has called for a coordinated attack on the president of the United States by all of America’s newspapers (

I thought they were already doing that.

They say they’ve got 70, er, newspapers already lined up for an editorial jihad on August 16. They’re mad because President Trump has called out the media for printing fake news. What–y’mean they don’t?

I’ve never in my life seen the nooze media wage war on anyone like they have on this president. They never rest. And it’s not just the papers; it’s all the talking heads on TV, plus Hollywood, plus our collidges and looniversities–it’s all anti-Trump, 24/7/365.

What do you suppose would have happened if even one conservative news source–presuming you could find one–had called for a coordinated editorial attack on President *Batteries Not Included? Racist, racist! Biggit! Hater! Nazi! And so on.

While normal people went peacefully about their business, leftists took control of many of our country’s institutions–the nooze media, “entertainment,” “education,” banks and other business corporations, and even our professional sports leagues. They were going to ram Hillary down our throats so she could finish the “fundamental transformation” that Obama started. They were going to wind up as the absolute rulers of Venezuela North.

They thought they had it in the bag. They were so close to their objective, they could taste it.

And then those pesky American voters snatched it away from them.

They can’t live with that, and they don’t intend to. They’ll overturn that election no matter what it costs.

And that’s why we don’t love them anymore.

11 comments on “Newspaper Calls for ‘Coordinated Attack’ on Trump

    1. It’s a sorry sight. I used to be a reporter. It must have been in the Bronze Age–we prided ourselves on getting the story, getting it right, and telling it straight. Sometimes that took a lot of hard work, but we all–well, all the ones I knew–felt it was worth it.

      What they’re doing now bears no resemblance to what I used to know as journalism.

    2. Getting the story, getting it right, and telling it straight.
      I am curious… pick one story the mainstream media has gotten incorrect about Trump.. say, in the last week.

      I honestly thought the entire objection conservatives have with the media is that they “never” report all the… (here we go again)… “all the good Trump has done.” Trump calls it fake news.. exactly why? After all, “bad” news can be just as accurate as “good” news.

    3. Actually my comment was addressed to you.. and making the query as to what specifically.. even a single example… of fake news coming from cables news networks or TV networks.

      As far as the suggestion from the Globe… well, look at it this way, it was suggested a massive “opinion” effort. It’s not news reporting. If they say it’s opinion.. then take it or leave it as opinion. All you conservatives would have to worry about if any facts are used in support of those opinions are true.
      The press is freedom of speech… which our Dear Leader does not subscribe to unless he gets good press.

  1. Donald Trump has been anointed by God to preserve out Christian foundations, that is why he is hated so much by the Left, just as Jesus said the world would hate us. Trump is far from a perfect man, but so was Abraham, Jacob, Moses, David, Solomon, should I go on? Pray for our President’s protection, and for God to anoint many more to carry out the Christian mission to disciple the nation for Christ. We need Christian journalism schools, Christian film making academies, Christian legal colleges – get the picture? What is your vision for America? Surrender? Or is it “We are more than conquerors through Christ Who loves us?

    1. Donald Trump has been anointed by God..????
      And here I was under the impression I was anointed by God to object to Trump. I suppose all this anointing cancels each other out.

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