The Wheelie World of Hamsters

If you’re a hamster, the exercise wheel is where it’s at. Question: How come they don’t get dizzy? You could get dizzy just watching them. Question: Why don’t their legs fall off? Imagine if a human could run so fast, his legs were just a blur. How fast would that be?

Note: A crew of mice infiltrated this video by posing as hamsters. You’d think the long tales would have given them away. Obviously security was not all it could have been.

7 comments on “The Wheelie World of Hamsters

  1. The strength, stamina and utter toughness of these creatures is amazing. How their little legs can move so fast amazes me.

    It’s been a while, but I’ve had pet hamsters and can tell you that they are delightful pets. They live in their own little world and require little more than a clean cage, some food, and water with hamster vitamins in it. In return, you get to see an amazing little creature with the power to steal your heart.

    1. I once had a hamster a couple of years ago, but sadly it died in only about a week after I got it 🙁

    2. They can be delicate of health. There are vitamins which can be added to their water, which seem to help greatly, but there is always an element of chance involved.

    3. Like mice and rats, hamsters don’t have a very long lifespan. Lose no opportunity to be nice to your small animal pets.

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