Hooray for Hungary!

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And the lights go on in Budapest!

HELP WANTED: Gender Studies degree a must. Fantastic pay, lavish pension.

No one ever saw an ad like this while he was sober. That’s because there is no kind of “help” a degree in Gender Studies can give anyone, unless you’re burning it for heat or trying to plug a mouse-hole with it.

And so the Hungarian government has abolished Gender Studies degree programs at its public universities, citing “no demonstrable demand” for it in the labor market (Gee, ya think?) and “no economic rationale” (http://www.foxnews.com/world/2018/08/11/hungarys-populist-government-abolishes-gender-studies-courses.html). Besides, Gender Studies wastes tax money that could be better applied for virtually anything else.

Why can’t we do this? Why do American taxpayers have to carry all those colleges and universities on their backs, shelling out for Gender Studies, Queer Studies, Women’s Studies, Vertically Challenged Studies, etc.? We do we have to pay these overstaffed, over-attended, over-funded institutions to mess up our country and render whole generations economically useless?

Eastern European counties like Hungary, Poland, and Czechoslovakia have already gotten a good, stiff dose of communism and have no desire to repeat the experience. They already know where Western academics want to take them: they’ve already been there, and they don’t want to go again.

Hungary, bravo, well done!

But let’s not stop at Gender Studies.

Defund the whole “higher education” dog and pony show–before it’s too late to repair the damage.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. Even more traditional degrees have become so diluted with programs aimed towards some sort of social programming, that a lot of recent college grads strike me as a bit wanting, with regards to general level of education.

    A few years ago, I attended a computer and network security seminar, hosted by a major telecom provider. The speaker was from Western New Mexico University, which is a well-reputed school in technical fields. He was from India, as are so many in the tech field, and he commented that the reason we see so few Americans in his field, these days, is because American students don’t want to tackle the math necessary to really understand the subject. That’s quite disturbing, but I have no problem believing it to be true. I work with some very capable tech support people and relatively few are from the US.

    Just yesterday I was working with a very knowledgable fellow from Ethiopia, although living in Silicon Valley and pursuing his citizenship. Cisco Systems provides tech support out of India and the people with whom I have spoken there are knowledgable, speak English quite well and are a joy to talk to. Finding US workers whom qualify for these jobs is like finding hen’s teeth, but finding a US worker with a degree in Middle Class Self Loathing is relatively easy.

    1. I matriculate there next month. I also intend to take some advanced studies in Whoopi Goldberg and end up with a doctorate in the Three Stooges. 🙂

  2. Gender studies should more accurately be called ” the gender bender, him and her denier, and no value to the degree holder and the employer” major.

  3. We live in a bizarro world where CNN calls the pure hate group Antifa an anti-hate group. And why the big push by the tech giants to silence conservative speech all of a sudden? Because the November elections are coming and they want the Democrats to take the House and impeach Trump. Just think of how high the ratings will be for the failing CNN and MSNBC.

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