Hungary’s Deputy Prime Minister: Sex is Biology, ‘Gender’ is ‘Nonsense’

Jerry Lewis in The Nutty Professor (1963)

Headed for the unemployment line–at last!

Sanity has awakened in Hungary. It still sleeps here.

As Hungary prepares to abolish Gender Studies degree programs from its publicly-funded universities, Deputy Prime Minister Zsolt Semjen said “Sex is biologically determined, the concept of gender as ‘social sex’ is nonsense” ( He added, “Nobody wants to employ a genderologist.”

Naturally the left-wing opposition is screaming bloody murder over the government’s “war against science and education.” That’s rich. In what way is “You are whatever gender you say you are” any kind of science? And to call it “education” is unadulterated crapola.

Can we please do that here? Our colleges and looniversities have become a parasitic burden on society. They waste boxcar-loads of public money “teaching” what can only be called a delusion. Those who teach it desperately need to be unemployed.

Suddenly Hungary is woke. It’s pushback time! Let’s pray our own country follows suit.

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    1. I dunno, you shouldn’t have to go to college for four or five years if you want to be a plumber. College shouldn’t be a glorified vo-tech. It should be a relative SMALL institution for scholars–not for umpteen millions of non-scholars and their brothers.

    2. I agree completely. Instead of imposing arbitrary requirements to fit any and every trade into a degree program, they should I’ve people the education they actually need.

    3. College should–I stress “should”–be the ideal institution for preserving cultural artifacts that would otherwise be lost.
      Specialized higher education for professions like doctor, engineer, lawyer, etc. should always be available–although apprenticeship programs could replace a lot of what could be done by universities.

      Making college for literally everyone has only made college trivial and silly.

    4. Once again, I agree completely. Apprenticeship is a great way to prepare someone and give them hands-on experience, as well. I understand the need for confirming that someone has no crucial gaps in their knowledge, but that can be done through certification programs and doesn’t require a college, per se.

      When I was a child, college-educated people were much less common and it was usually a mark of a true scholar. Nowadays, I meet college grads that are quite unimpressive on a regular basis. Obviously, something has changed.

  1. Much higher level wisdom is obtained only at great sacrifice in time, erasing of common sense and reality, a degree that is of no use in earning a living, and a debt from a student loan that will take much of whatever the graduate is able gain for subsistence.

  2. Wow a European country that has some sanity…I think country from Central Europe and Eastern Europe will push back against some of these Leftist’s nonsense.

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