‘The Lost Tomb’ Should Stay Lost

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The Lost Tomb of Jesus was 2007’s entry in the media’s annual Easter-time festival of Christianity-bashing. I reviewed the film for Chalcedon.


It’s a long review, but it took time to refute so many errors–not honest mistakes, but an agenda-driven attack on the divinity of Jesus Christ by a Zionist film-maker, a Hollywood big shot, and a so-called “theologian” who’s a heretic. Other than that, it was swell.

I didn’t watch whatever Christian-bash they resorted to this year. I was too busy celebrating Our Lord’s resurrection from the dead.

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  1. So where are the Christians who making movies and TV shows to compete with the pagans? Something is lacking in the preaching of our churches. Christians should be the cream of the crop in every area of life because we are empowered by the Holy Spirit. Do you think maybe a lack of sanctification is lacking? (I’m looking in the mirror when I express these thoughts – you know, the parable of the tax-collector).

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