My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 16 (‘The Journalists’ Jihad’)

Today’s the day! Well, supposed to be, anyway–all the newspapers in the land, in “a coordinated editorial attack” on the president elected by the American people. We rejected their candidate, so they hate us.

It seems to be the nature of these left-wing grandstand plays to fizzle out pathetically. We’ll see.

6 comments on “My Newswithviews Column, Aug. 16 (‘The Journalists’ Jihad’)

  1. Nicely state, Lee.

    As I see it, the big question comes down to how much influence and relevance these “news” organizations have. I could be mistaken, but my sense of the currents in the stream of human affairs is that the media is losing influence rapidly. There will always be people that value sensation over fact, but they tend to reside at the fringes. Supermarket tabloids attract readers, but they don’t tend to attract influential people as readers. I see the MSM moving towards the same destination, as they adopt the mores of yellow journalism and retreat from the standards of true reporting.

    There lies the crux, as I see it, reporting news is a far different proposition from filling pages. Newspapers have to fill pages, so they have to dredge up content. The same is true for TV news, which has to fill their allotted time and attract viewers. Even Internet based news sources have to fill space and when there’s not much to report, it’s predictable that there will be more stories from the dregs.

    It’s an inexorable march to irrelevancy.

  2. The Los Angeles Times newspaper said they refused to join in on the pile up on Trump even though they agree with everything these newspapers are saying about him Their reason? They are against group-think – really? How dumb to they think we are. The LA Times is one of the leaders of group-think – what a pile of bilge.

    1. Uh… “We’re not going to join you in the pile-up, but we totally agree with every freakin’ thing you say”? That is not a logical statement.

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