They Keep Trying to Put Jesus Back in the Tomb

So there was this “early Christianity,” see, the original stuff that came without “such stumbling blocks as blood atonement and resurrection,” and it was only later that all that stoopid stuff got tacked onto it, Jesus was just a nice guy who taught nice things…

We have heard this before.

Jesus and After: The First 80 Years is another one of those books by another one of those Reputable Bible Scholars, just another face in the crowd on the false prophet express,  that seeks to make Christianity palatable to atheists and abortion-loving, transgender-touting Democrats. In the words of the Editorial Review on, here we are offered “a Christianity for modern grownups who don’t have to believe that God created the laws of physics only to capriciously suspend them; who don’t need to depend on ancient superstitions about sacrificing goats or people to ‘save’ or protect themselves.”

“And if Christ be not raised,” wrote St. Paul, “your faith is in vain; ye are yet in your sins.” (1 Corinthians 15:17)

Oh, but that’s one of those things that was added later! It isn’t scientific, dude!

And waddaya need atonement for, when there’s no such thing as sin?

I’m surprised they want to keep anything pertaining to Christianity, there’s so much they want to throw out.

But we are talking about people who look in the mirror when they pray.

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