Our Toxic Culture: Boy, 9, Commits Suicide

Sex Education & Graphic Images for K-5 In Public Schools. A dejected and worried young girl in a classroom with the words "Sex Ed" written on the blackboard.

Kill the culture, and the culture will kill you back. This process has already begun.

A 9-year-old boy in Colorado has, according to the medical examiner, committed suicide (Sorry, no link–%$#$@ computer has suddenly forgotten how to do that: it must have gone to public school). We are told the child “came out as gay” during the summer, and now, just four days into the school year, he’s dead–because the other kids “bullied” him and told him he should kill himself. Which apparently he did by hanging himself.

A few questions spring to mind.

Who put it into a 9-year-old kid’s mind that he was “gay”? Really, what kind of 9-year-old spouts a thing like that? One immediately suspects the school, with our popular culture a close second.

For that matter, what kind of 9-year-old commits suicide? What kind of age group peers try to talk another child into killing himself? Where did they get that idea? (Social media tries to sneak out of room…)

If he was being “bullied” to death, what was the classroom teacher doing at the time? And why did his mother (there is, it almost goes without saying, no father in the picture) keep sending him to school?

What did anyone honestly expect to happen? A triumphal parade? The whole student body cheering?

What kind of potted plant, acting as a parent, receives from her 9-year-old the news, “Hey, I’m gay,” and reacts as if all he’d said was “I’d kind of like to be a fireman when I grow up”?

Our public schools teach our children an ideology of sexual anarchy. Right and wrong have been replaced by “safe and unsafe.”

If you have children in public school, you’d be very wise to get them out of there as fast as you can.

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  1. Who put it into a 9-year-old kid’s mind that he was “gay”?

    It’s hard to remember when I was 9, but I’m pretty sure I wasn’t thinking about that kind of stuff. I certainly wasn’t thinking about sex, I was too busy being a boy. Today’s culture robs children of their innocence far too soon. They are bombarded by sex from “entertainment”. There is a disturbing trend to introduce children to sex at a young and younger age. It could be described as “grooming”. Let the children be children.

  2. What a mess. When I was nine years old, I didn’t even know there was such as thing “gay”. I knew that sex existed, but didn’t have strong feelings on the subject. I hung out with my older sister and her friends and lived to visit the local swimming beach, which was on a river bank. In retrospect, there were probably all sorts of beautiful young women in bikinis and I never took notice of them, because at 9 years old, sex is not all that important to most kids.

    So, I would ask, what has happened to our society that allows children to be robbed of their innocence and have to deal with sexuality at an age when they should be able to exist free of such concerns?

    1. That’s it. When will people realize that the schools are not such good places, these days.

    2. They don’t want to realize it, because then they’d have to act: homeschool, Christian school, or private school. Plus they think public school is “free” because it comes out of their taxes and they don’t have to write out a check to the school board.

      Those of us who advocate for homeschool and Christian school feel like we’ve been banging our heads against a brick wall for years. The fact is, the public by and large is in denial about what public education has become–and it is becoming, by the way, exactly what the people who created it intended it to become: a factory turning out docile, mostly ignorant, easy-to-manage human cattle.

      That last sentence is not my opinion. It’s a fact based on the writings of those educators themselves.

    3. From the perspective of parents, public schools are basically a babysitting service. Families used to be organized around the family itself, but these days the almighty dollar is the organizing cause most families seem to be organized around and children become a daycare issue.

  3. With God out of the picture, anything goes. Any ideas whether they’re aberrant or not aren’t filtered through the application of the Word of God. So many parents have no idea how to talk to their children about right and wrong, what’s appropriate and what’s not because their base is not established on the Solid Rock with the Shepherd Who leads us into life.

  4. The 13 year old girl who lives down the street and attends our church has begun to be home-schooled. A new family that joined earlier this year has home-schooled their daughter, who is 14 and this is what inspired my neighbors to follow suit – hallelujah!! Home-schooling has increased dramatically since all the school shootings. Get your children out of the enemy’s camp!

    1. “Home-schooling has increased dramatically since all the school shootings.”

      That’s good news. I know that there are some fine, well-intended people in the teaching profession, but sadly there are plenty of people who are not necessarily in it for the right motives. Some are advancing an agenda of their own and the Teacher’s Union seems quite slanted to causes of the Far Left. Why buy a product that is doing you, and your children, no good?

    2. Even more than that, especially with the current Pope, whose affiliations seem a bit vague, to me.

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