When Sloths Attack

This is a sneak preview of When Sloths Attack. See the ferocious creatures descend from the trees to chase hapless college students who picked entirely the wrong place to camp for the weekend! And the sloths’ll catch ’em, too, because they’re like totally stoned and also out of shape. After that… Well, you’ll find out why the one sloth is smiling.

7 comments on “When Sloths Attack

  1. I pride myself on fitness, but if one of those ever decided to chase me down, I’d know it was time to fold my hand, say my prayers and hope for the best. 🙂

    They sure are cute.

  2. L 🙂 L! One of the cutest creatures God created on earth, I think. To me, they look a little like Wytt and his Omah friends, except that sloths are much slower than Omah, who are much braver and stronger!

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