‘A Millenial Want Ad’ (2016)

Image result for images of stupid college students

Just what kind of work do today’s college graduates intend to pursue? What are they best suited for?


In a spirit of charity, we must always remember that such stupidity, such slothfulness, such ignorance is very rarely born but must be laboriously and carefully cultivated. From kindergarten to grad school, trillions of dollars are spent on making young people as dumb as brickbats.

To an alarming degree, the effort has succeeded.

4 comments on “‘A Millenial Want Ad’ (2016)

  1. The boy in the picture can haz the job of cleaning the restroom…
    I thought I should inform you that the comments for the “Thomas Sowell vs. ‘Intellectuals’ “post are off.

  2. Yes, they even win elections for the U.S. Congress in New York against an entrenched senior Representative – and it was done by mouthing socialistic nonsense, so what does that say about the people in that particular district?

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