More Left-Wing Pseudo-Christianity

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Back in 2006 I reviewed socialist Jim Wallis’ The Call to Conversion. It’s as revolting now as it was then.

Wallis was much more prominent in 2006 than he is now. Back then, he still clung, however feebly, to Biblical sexual morality. But after he took the plunge for “gay marriage,” that made him just another liberal with no distinguishing marks; so his stock as an oracle has gone down.

This little book of his is a spectacular example of the leftids’ use of straw men in an argument. Wallis has a black belt in the martial art of knocking down opinions that no one actually holds.

False prophets abound. This is one of them.

2 comments on “More Left-Wing Pseudo-Christianity

  1. “False prophets abound” pretty much nails it. This sort of thing appeals to the inexperienced among us, but doesn’t play well with people that have seen enough of life to realize that Robin Hood is an absolute fantasy.

  2. If you have a high IQ and a sense of curiosity about life, and have rejected the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the Bible as God’s revealed Word to man, you spend your life in trying to come up with answers that explain why life is the way it is. It always ends up in vanity. And what about those who claim to be Christians but distort the Bible’s clear teachings? Well, Jesus takes aim at them for the whole chapter of St. Matthew 23.

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