Apologetics Sermon Illustration #49: There are Too Many Religions Which One is True and Counterfeit Currencies

You’re sure to have encountered this, er, objection many times. Our esteemed colleague SlimJim shows us how to answer it with common sense–which is in short supply, these days.  –LD

7 comments on “Apologetics Sermon Illustration #49: There are Too Many Religions Which One is True and Counterfeit Currencies

  1. Well taught! We are not responsible to account for falsehoods which are being promoted, that it the responsibility of the people promoting those falsehoods.

    The Bible and the things taught therein are not simply religion. More to the point, they are reality. They explain what happens around us and what has happened in the past. There are all sort of philosophical approaches to life and some have significant merit, but these do not explain man’s fallen state, nor do they offer a remedy to the underlying problem, but the Bible does and the Bible is the guide to lead us to Christ.

    The Bible presents a coherent stream of events and if you step back slightly you can see that actually a great deal has happened. The fall of mankind in Genesis 3, the genealogy leading up to Noah, the Flood and the rebellion at Babel lead directly to Abram and the lineage to the Messiah. The history of Israel, its disobedience, division into two nations, the diaspora of the ten tribes, the exile of the remaining tribes and the return of the land are all steps leading to Christ’s appearance. Since then, we’ve had to wait for God’s time, but we will see the return of the Messiah, hopefully quite soon.

    Now, tell me of another school of thought which is that comprehensive and is that beneficial to its adherents.

  2. The answer that comes to my mind is this: True, there are too many ‘religions’ in this world today, all adding to the intentional confusion. (let’s not forget to throw ‘Scientism’ into that pile). However, Christianity is NOT a religion – it’s a reality, a way of life.

    1. There was, about 30 years ago, an old Bible Teacher (book by book, chapter by chapter, verse by verse honest-to-goodness Bible teacher) who taught me much, who said that. Because it’s so true, it stayed with me. If you really expand that thought into our lives, it’s limitless.

    2. I claim nothing more than that I am a non-denominational Christian. I don’t have anything against someone that chooses to belong to a denomination, but I choose otherwise.

      In the earliest days of Christianity, they met in homes. The church was the body of worshippers and not at all identified with a place of worship. Most of my fellowship is casual, but very rewarding.

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