The Urge to Sit on Cats

Who knows why some dogs have this overpowering urge to sit on cats? I mean, they might get scratched or bitten in a tender spot… It cannot be said that cats appreciate this gesture.

For the sake of being fair and balanced, this video also presents a few cats who like to sit on dogs.

We are shown no animals that like to sit on porcupines.

7 comments on “The Urge to Sit on Cats

  1. We had a dog once that tried sitting on a porcupine. didn’t work out well at all. Cats are one thing, but porcupines…forget it.

    1. It was a disaster. It took months to shed the skunk odor, because the dog bolted into the house and rubbed off the musk on anything he could reach, especially a new couch, less than a week old.

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