Hillary: Abolish Electoral College

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Still in full tantrum mode

The Greek historian Polybius praised the Roman Republic for its system of checks and balances. As a Greek, he had personal experience of “democracy” self-destructing into hysteria and mob rule.

Today presidential wannabe Hillary Clinton, still unable to come to terms with her defeat by Donald Trump and the American people, continues to push for the abolition of one of our country’s firmest and most successful checks and balances–the electoral college (https://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2018/09/17/hillary-clinton-abolish-electoral-college-because-donald-trump-is-destroying-america/).

Why? Because Donald Trump won, and he’s “a racist.” And he’s destroying an “American democracy” that does not exist and never did: our Constitution guarantees us a republican form of government, not a democracy. Our founders read Polybius.

Of course, it would require a constitutional amendment to replace the electoral college with a straight popular vote. You don’t “just do it.” But I don’t think Democrats know that.

Without the electoral college, every presidential election would be dominated by Far Left crazy states California and New York; and a regular injection of illegal alien votes would ensure a perpetual Democrat presidency. Can’t have any of those voter ID laws, etc. That would be racist.

The electoral college protects America from being hijacked by a handful of states with big populations. It has always protected us from that. “Democracy,” Polybius wrote, never fails to degenerate, first into mob rule, finally into dictatorship. Sort of like what happened in Venezuela.

If you love your country, don’t even think about voting for a Democrat.

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  1. Without the electoral college, there would be no reason to ever bother to even open polls west of the Atlantic seaboard. That’s why we have it, in order to make the government representative of the entire country, including that part of the country which manufactures goods and produces food.

  2. Yeah. Heard a knuckle-head once ask, why don’t people just go the grocery store like the rest of us? They should not be killing animals for
    food when they can buy it in a store. I laughed so hard, I almost croaked.
    The same type person said, “why did they put the “deer crossing” sign In a busy place like this? ” With brains like this.. imagine these people also

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