Comment Contest Down to the Wire

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Who will win the comment contest? As of this moment, we have 32,890 comments in the pot–only 110 to go, to reach the goal of 33,000.

What’s the prize? Well, nobody wanted to go back to 1951 and hit Bobby Thomson’s home run, so now I’m thinking, “Treasure!” There’s this guy named Beowulf who says he knows the location of a fabulously wealthy hoard of gold and jewels. So we’ll try to make that the prize–if we can figure out what to do about the dragon who is guarding it.

If this treasure deal falls through, the prize will be an autographed copy of one of my books.

20 comments on “Comment Contest Down to the Wire

  1. But if Beowulf can’t help me… I think I’ll notify Helki the Rod and maybe Uduqu with that sword of his, to come and help me out. Oh yea! Gallgoid, he’s got plenty of connections. And maybe Wytt’s little army…

  2. It will be fun to see who the winner is- whoever it is, I will be excited on his/her behalf. It is just another fun thing to make life a little less gloomy.

  3. I hope I will be the winner! Got to finish up my message prep and preach first and come back after dinner to read more of your blog and comment! Everyone else have a head start lol

  4. Hey, a signed copy of one of your books is treasure enough for me! I would cherish something like that–guess I’m the sentimental type. 🙂 I’d make a lousy pirate.

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