Comment Contest: A Winner Today?

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Even the newly-hatched day geckos are excited by the prospect of someone winning our comment contest today! You should hear ’em.

Anyway, we’re shooting for 33,000 comments and we’ve got, at the moment, 32,931–which leaves only 69 comments to go. Whoever posts Comment No. 33,000 will win an autographed copy of one of my books. (Sorry, the treasure deal fell through. Beowulf chickened out of taking on the dragon. “Not as young as I used to be!” was his excuse.)

Now, I can’t help noticing that a few of you are trying very hard to win the contest. It’s always a sad thing to watch the comment stream slow down to a mere trickle, once the contest is over. I wish you could all win, but my postal budget won’t stand it.

But what I can do is start another contest right away, setting the goal at 35,000. The folks at Chalcedon are working very hard to get The Temptation published, and once we get the cover art from Kirk DouPonce, it shouldn’t be long before the book is released–maybe in time to be the prize in the next contest.

28 comments on “Comment Contest: A Winner Today?

  1. Contest or no, Lee, I want to thank you for the hymn you posted today, “10,000 Reasons” sung by a little angel. My local prayer group is going through great trials and I was able to forward this hymn to them for uplifting.

  2. Ten thousand thundering typhoons! I went through all the pains to charter a boat to Lonely Mountain for Beowulf to defeat Smaug, for nothing! Arrrgh!!!
    -Captain Josh

    1. Blistering blue barnacles! I’ve weathered many a squall in me days, but only to find out that an old salt is trying to take the treasure from under me own eyes. Avast ye, I would rather be fed to the fish then let an old salt give me the black spot.

    2. Dontye be a’worrin’ ’bout it, ’cause me and ma’ oafish crew made za foolish mistark of a’tryin’ to take down the dragon ourshelves, and za blistering barnacles of a dragon burn’d all ma’ ships and ma’ legs! I won’t be a goin’ anywhere anymore… and ma’ crew deserted me like I was garbage… WAHH-HAH-HAH!!! 😭… Savvy? (I wanteth to give that ogre-dragonfilth the black spot!!!!)

    3. Yeah, sniff… and shiver me timbers, ’cause now I’ve got to be a’wearin’ two peg legs!!! Arrrgh!!!
      -Ex-captain Josh

    4. I would just be having to do what Captain Long John Sliver used to be a’doin’…to use a crutch. ‘Twon’t be eazzy walkin’ around, zat’s for shure.

  3. The hatchling Gecko is adorable. Evolution could not create such a face as that. Strangely, I have an overwhelming urge to buy more car insurance. 🙂

    Good luck to all, with regard to the contest.

  4. I began reading “The Temple” yesterday after I posted my review of “The Glass Bridge” at Amazon,com. I wonder what the comment count will be by the time I get to reading “The Temptation?”

  5. Winning one of these contests got me started on my ‘Bell Mountain’ adventure – and I’m hooked! I’ve read as far as I can go – ‘The Silver Trumpet’. Yours and one other (recommended by you) are the only fiction in my extensive library.

    Whoever wins any of your book contests will be blessed. And I’ve decided to start all over again, reading all 10 again. It’s surprising how much we forget or gets lost as we travel along. Lee, I don’t know how you keep track of all the characters, places, even some of the unusually odd names, but you have a gift. Keep ’em comin’!

    1. The names aren’t as hard as you might think, Linda. Most of them I take from other sources.I very, very rarely just make one up.

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