Now You’ve Heard Everything

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What? You thought I was going to run a picture of a sex bot? Uh-uh, no way. Here’s another day gecko, this one working on emerging from the egg. Cute little beggars, aren’t they?

How crazy can it get?

They’ve set up brothels where you can “have sex”–I really must put that in quotes, because it’s only a simulation of sex–with “sex bots,” robotic facsimiles of women. Sort of like having a romance with your toaster-oven. Like, dude, it’s a machine, it’s not real.

Anyway, these sex bot brothels have begun to take off, which is now perceived as a threat to brothels where the whores are real. They call themselves “sex workers” now. I will stick to the older terminology. The whores are saying that sex bot brothels are “dehumanizing and dangerous,” “an insult to sex workers,” and “encourage disrespect toward women” (

Uh, like, the regular whorehouse doesn’t encourage disrespect toward women?

Oh, no, say the whores. See, goin’ to the sex bots will alienate the immoral slob of a man “from healthy sexual experiences with real women.” Good grief. Someone’s sure to say I’m making this up, it’s all a satire. I only wish it was. I’m only a fantasy writer, I can’t invent stuff this loopy.

They say, “Sex workers offer… authentic intimacy and two-way affection.” In fact, going to a brothel and paying some stranger for sex (or a simulation thereof) “enhances his ability to be intimate with other women.” That oughta fly in divorce court: “I only hired this here prostitute, your honor, to enhance my ability to be intimate with my wife.” Yowsah. And heavy consumption of pornography makes the heart more loving, the eyes brighter, and the pelt shinier.

It is embarrassing to be living in this age! I feel like my ancestors, looking down from Heaven, are thumbing their noses and making rude noises at me–if they don’t just turn away in pity.

O Lord! Remember that these things are done without our consent, against our will, and over our objections.

None of this crazy crap can possibly turn out well for us.

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  1. This is worse than anything we could ever have imagined a few years ago. When I was young, these brothels were kept hidden and avoided like the plague.

  2. No house divided against itself may stand. The godless forces are finding themselves in conflict with other factions among the godless.

    Like many men, when I was younger, I could find desire troubling, but I was fortunate enough to have been given a lot of guidance in this area of life and was able to stay away from trouble, but that’s not to say that it was always easy.

    With time, comes perspective and I have realized that the part of sex which provides satisfaction is not the physical aspect, but the emotional aspect. It is an act of total acceptance and trust. This is a person with whom you would be willing to start a family; that’s commitment. If we see this from that perspective, the value of illicit sex falls to zero. It isn’t a matter of “getting away with” something; it’s a matter of recognizing the significance of it all.

    The world of our day has changed the very meaning of sex into simply satisfying a desire, without understanding the reason that desire was created in the first place. This is about family, even if the family is only two people. It is not simply about a sex partner, it’s about a life partner. Thusly viewed, why would anyone want to consort with a “sex worker” or a sex robot?

    A while back, there was a movie named Catch Me If You Can, about the real-life exploits of one Frank Abagnale. Abagnale, as a teenager, obtained an airline pilot’s uniform and flew as a non-revenue passenger. He financed his life by cashing bad checks and eventually became a master forger, printing his own checks. He created checks purportedly from Pan Am, which were so accurate that in some cases they were honored by Pan Am’s bank.

    Part of this crime spree involved sexual escapades, using his issued stature as a way to seduce women. He looked old for his age and could flatter young women, delighted to have the attention of an airline pilot. He also posed as a physician and even passed the Louisiana Bar, becoming an attorney of sorts.

    While the movie was sort of a fun romp with (noted Climbit Change expert) Leonardo DiCaprio playing Abagnale and Tom Hanks portraying and FBI agent pursuing him, Abagnale’s book actually had a much different tone. After some prison time, Abagnale became a security consultant and has worked on behalf of the government, helping them to combat financial crime.

    He has not glorified his actions in any way, and deeply regrets all that he did. However, reading his book, I was most struck by one thought. He mentioned that his prolific sex life was bringing him no satisfaction whatsoever. This really struck me, because his actions would have been the envy of any number of men, but his profligate sex life was not a source of ANY satisfaction to Abagnale himself.

    This example really helped me to understand that the moral guidance of the Bible is not heavy-handed or restrictive. In fact, it is anything but that. Follow the moral guidelines of the Bible and sex addiction is not likely to rule your life. It is my opinion, that the many sexual dysfunctions of our age stem from ignoring the Bible’s guidance. Jesus said to not even look at a woman so as to have passion for her, so following this will keep one away from pornography and the risks therewith associated. Avoiding fornication and adultery reduces the number of broken homes and fatherless children drastically.

    When it comes right down to it, I somewhat pity the “sex workers” quoted in that article. They may never experience unwanted pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease, but I can’t help but think that many of these women will regret their career choice at some point or another.

    As for sex robots, let me express it this way; I like my microwave oven, but it’s strictly platonic. 🙂

    1. “The pursuit of pleasure will bring you happiness” may be the biggest lie the devil tells people. Pleasure within God’s boundaries is a good thing, but seeking it outside God’s laws always ends in disappointment and vanity.

  3. The older I get the crazier the Left and the reprobates become. I mean, how crazy is it how a woman (Professor Ford) can claim sexual harassment against a man nominated for the Supreme Court (Brett Kavanaugh) that happened 35 years ago and she can’t even remember the place it happened or the year in which it happened. Plus the fact that Kavanaugh has led a stellar life the whole 35 years, whereas sexual predators like Bill Clinton continue their bad behavior throughout their life. The fact that this lady is even being taken seriously is crazyville (and added to that, she is a flaming liberal, ant-Trumper herself – sheesh, get me out of this insane ayslum).

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