‘Something to Think About’ (2011)

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When I wrote this eight years ago, the Bible was the most widely-banned book in the world.

It still is.


Think about it. Think about the many countries where they’ll confiscate and burn your Bible, and throw you into jail for having one. Think about the many countries where what Bibles they have, have to be smuggled in.

And think about the thousands of American public schools and–ahem!–colleges where God’s Word is mocked, hated, and banned.

To them that perish, foolishness…

5 comments on “‘Something to Think About’ (2011)

  1. Yes, I receive publications from “The Voice of the Martyrs” and read the horrific stories about the oppressed and persecuted believers in other countries. I pray for them, and pray that this will not come to this country, but the way things are going…? We really need to draw near to God and
    obey His word.

    1. There are tens of millions of American Christians–the majority of the population. And yet we’ve permitted ourselves to be pushed around and dictated to by all sorts of nasty micro-minorities. I don’t know why we do that. I don’t know why there’s a transgender movement, or any of that stuff.

      Sometimes I find Voice of the Martyrs very hard to read.

  2. This October 4th is Bring Your bible To School Day – over half a million students are expected to participate. There are moves of God taking place in America but we are not hearing about them. Mike Huckabee’s TBN show is trying, as are others.

    There is a new platform to soon be launched to replace FaceBook, Twitter, and YouTube all in one place under Conservative/Christian oversight. Please get ready to support it when it goes live.

    Also, if we want the Dems to be defeated this November and in every election we need to financially support good Christian candidates (Christians are notorious for not contributing to politics). Giving of our time is also of great value. As Jerry Falwell was famous for saying “Instead of cursing the darkness, light a light” (I say do both).

  3. The idea that there is still so much persecution of Christians around the world and confiscation of Bibles is shocking and depressing to say the least. In my prayers each night I pray for the Comforter to continue to give them the strength to stand to the very end.

    I’m afraid these things are coming here before long. Remember, Jesus said the end times will be tribulation like there never was nor ever would be again. When I think of the persecution and trials faced by the Old Testament prophets and the early Church after Christ’s crucifixion, I shudder to think what He means.

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