‘”Chicago Values” (You Gotta Be Kidding)’ (2012)

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Let’s go back to 2012, and to Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel hurling invective at Chick-Fil-A for not embracing “Chicago values.”


And what are “Chicago values”? Well, all we can say for sure, based on the mayor’s Far Left Crazy babbling, is that they do not include the concept of marriage as consisting of one man and one woman.

But apparently people prowling the streets and shooting each other is okay.

Well, when the most famous resident of your city, all-time, is Al Capone, that’s gotta say something about your city’s “values.”

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  1. A sadness comes over me when I realize how close we are as a civilization to completely forgetting what a civilized society looks like. True, we’ve always had problems and they won’t be fixed until Jesus comes to rule, but as we old-timers dwindle who will keep the record? History is written by people who want to change it to fit their narrative.

    We can only hope and pray Father will have allowed a glimmer of yesteryear as we impart it to our children.

  2. What ever happened to American values? Oh, that’s right, the liberals got control of our public education system to which most Christians still send their children – isn’t the problem obvious?

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