Seems He Wasn’t a ‘Woman’ After All

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Freaks rule

How come left-wing loons always get their fantasies treated like reality?

Across the Atlantic in dear old Britain, where they’ve been sucked deeper into the whirlpool than we have, a convicted sex offender and pedophile, and rapist, awaiting sentencing for stabbing his neighbor, insisted that he “identifies as a woman”–so naturally the stupid schmegeggies in charge treated his blather like it was true, and transferred him to a women’s prison. And once there, he immediately got busy assaulting female inmates (

Oops. Back to the men’s prison.

Now here’s the thing. If prison authorities genuinely believed that this guy was a woman, because he said so, then they’re as crazy as he is and not fit to be in charge of anything. But if they didn’t believe him, but only went along with his delusion because it was the politically correct thing to do, then they’re profoundly dishonest and are not fit to be in charge of anything.

Really, this has to stop. Or do we want to wind up treating all delusions as reality? ‘Cause that’s where we’re headed.

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