Vote by Phone? Really?

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Nope, no voter fraud here!

If you’re worried about voter fraud–a Democrat staple for many years–in the coming midterm elections, here’s something that might make you worry more.

West Virginia, in 24 counties, plans to allow absentee voting via “smart” phones ( We have learned to be on the lookout for skullduggery whenever anything is pitched to us as “smart.”

The technology will be provided by a company in Massachusetts called “Voatz.” Doesn’t that name just fill you with confidence? The idea is to make it easier for absentee voters–for instance, military personnel stationed overseas–to cast a ballot when there may not be a voting station handy.

Well, all right, we certainly want our military people to have their vote. And we are assured that this newfangled procedure “requires a heightened standard of identity verification for users than traditional absentee ballot processes.” We like that… provided it’s true.

We are up against a Democrat Party that has shown, times without number, that it will do just about anything you can think of to acquire votes. They’ve already got the dead vote, the multiple-voter vote, the illegal alien vote, and the fictitious person vote. So we would like to see proof that this high-tech innovation is not just another way of facilitating voter fraud.

If the military vote goes Democrat, I think that’d be proof right there that it was rigged.

But by then it’d be too late to learn that.

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  1. West Virginia seems to have accepted that the election will, in fact, be rigged, so they’re doing it cheaper. Why waste resources on a sham…

    1. Right you are Marlene!

      Sorry I haven’t kept up lately. As Lee will tell you, I’ve been going through some serious health issues. One of these days I may have enough energy to explain it all.

      Meanwhile, do you know Dr E’s new website since they up and yanked her FOTM site? I haven’t been able to locate it.

      Thanks! and God bless always!

    2. I get it from dcclothesline articles. Once you get onto FOTM from there, you’ll have the link:

      “New post on

      Christine Ford’s letter has varying font styles and sizes
      by Dr. Eowyn
      Letter appears to be a forgery.

      Read more of this post”

      I’m so happy you’re back. Very sorry for your illness. Your mind hasn’t lost any energy, that’s for sure. Get well – I mean it!

  2. The leftists will be busy buying multiple cell phones in the names of dead people, babies, and the illegals will have an even bigger party. Whee! PS: cell phones might become the new top investment. Gotta check the stock market…because what happens in West Virginia doesn’t stay in West Virginia.

  3. I read recently that 1 in 9 people in America are not citizens. A couple of airports are now using facial recognition technology and they have already encountered 2,300 illegals. We have more foreign born people living in America today than ever before – why? #1: they get welfare, so some get a better life than where they came from on day one. #2: welfare voters tend to vote Democrat. It was the Dems under Teddy Kennedy’s leadership that opened the gates to unskilled immigration.

    1. And that is why the public school system has filled the history books with lies, because they don’t want the children to grow up and repeat the actions of those who did good and worthy things, and because they do want them to repeat the actions of those who committed crimes and were the “bad guys”. And yet another reason to home school.

  4. Hello Mr. Duigon,
    I just listened to this, it was on the Generations Radio broadcast yesterday.
    It is a clip of a police officer telling someone that offending people is a crime. It is about a half hour long, but if you don’t have time just listen to 12:39 through 13:45.

    1. It’s only a crime if a liberal or a member of a Cherished Minority is offended. You can offend Christians, conservatives, white men, and normal people until you run out of words.

    2. Just listened: “Someone was offended, and that’s against the law.”
      This country is in deep trouble. And most of the others are worse off than we are.

    3. If people were being put in jail for offending other people about 350,000,000 Americans would be in prison. I mean: “Joe Blow was elected for president? I am really offended.” And guess what, the next thing you know, the president’s in jail. (If he was a Conservative, that is.)

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