They Still Think You’re Stupid

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She’s baaaaack…

I went to the eye doctor yesterday, where I was subjected to television. That meant an endless stream of promotional spots for the “reboot” of Murphy Brown, the show whose heyday was 1988-1998, starring Candice Bergen as the hardboiled crusading… “journalist.” She’s back for the reboot.

Hmmm… TV news ratings suck lately, and public esteem for “journalists” is at an assiduously-earned all-time low. Because all they do is bash Trump and we don’t believe them anymore. So why bring back Murphy Brown?

Because they think we’ll fall in love with her again and then go back to loving, respecting, admiring, and believing the fake nooze merchants who clutter up our airwaves. Love Murphy, love them. Dude! Would Murphy Brown ever lie to you?

The most off-putting feature of the promo spots was a parade of middle-aged adults dancing around like teenagers. I am sure they were supposed to be cool. Trendy. If I ever thought anyone ever saw me as trying to be trendy, I would be unbearably ashamed of myself. There is something grotesque about fiftyish folks trying to pass for fifteen. The message, I think, is that if you watch the new Murphy Brown, and rediscover your high esteem for her real-life colleagues in the nooze business, everyone will think you’re cool.


Our nooze media have degenerated to being nothing more or less than minions of the Far Left Crazy Democrat Party. They do not deserve our respect.


8 comments on “They Still Think You’re Stupid

  1. Your headline says it all. Yes, they really do think we’re that stupid – and unfortunately in many cases we are.

  2. Nothing annoys me more than seeing women jumping up and down and screaming with uncontrolled emotions over the most mundane things. My wife would never act like that. Worship of the youth cult is perverse. Each stage of life has its own grace. “Shout to the LORD all the earth,” yes, but act like your 30 years younger than you are, no.

    1. Somehow, dignity has become passé. It shouldn’t be that way, but it is. I will readily admit to being a bit rigid in some aspects of my nature. I’m a stodgy old dude, but I was just as stodgy 60 years ago. But even applying a correction factor for my naturally stodgy neighbor, I’m still appalled by the way I see some adults acting.

  3. Dignity is becoming passe, in my opinion, because tv and the internet, not to mention a certain gigantic cult that “cures” “recovering” alcoholics and drug users- for two thirds of their income- are training children to tweens, and older, that it is good to take someone’s dignity. Embarrassing snap shots of anyone sucessful, public persona or not, are posted everywhere, smart phones are hacked, in our case, our tv turned out to have a normally hidden camera, apparently left open by accident one day, that was used to take pictures and listen in to our lives. They are commented in the most vile and hurtful way -by pop up to me at my email account- by people being paid to do this. “I am a life-commentator. This is my job. I am being paid to do this.” Their goal is to defeat Christians ie “destroy their darwinism,” and create a world of absolute acceptance, including for the drug users and alcoholics. Tolerance, yes, understanding, yes, but acceptance as normal? Oh, and I have been told twice that if you don’t want to discuss politics, for religious reasons, you had better be a vegetarian. (???) Oh brave new world.

    1. Anything that is sold to you as “smart”–smartphone, smart TV, smart meters–will be used against you. It was designed for that very purpose.

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